The Golf Course

18-Holes of Scenic Golf Designed by Barry Edgar

USGA Course Rules of Golf Shall Govern All Play

  • Soft Spikes ONlY
  • All Measurements From Sprinkler Heads, Fairway Markers & Cart Path Are To The Center of The greens
  • Appropriate golf Attire Is Required
  • No Personal Beverage Coolers Allowed
  • Please Repair Ball Marks, And Divots And Rake Bunkers
  • Red Stakes - lateral Hazard
  • Yellow Stakes - Hazard
  • White Stakes - Out of Bounds

Golf Course Legend


Wolf Golf Game

A Betting or Points Game With A Group of Four players

Players rotate being the "Wolf'. The player designated as the "Wolf' gets
to choose whether to play the hole 1 against 3 (himself against the other
three players in the group) or 2 on 2.
And if the Wolf chooses to play 2 on 2, he must choose his partner
immediately following that player's drive. Example: Player A is the Wolf.
Player B hits a bad drive. Player C hits a pretty good drive. If the Wolf
wants C as a partner, he must claim his partner before Player D hits his tee
The side with the lowest better ball score wins the hole. If it's 2 on 2, then
the winning side wins the bet. If it's 1 on 3, the Wolf wins double or loses
There's also Lone Wolf, in which the Wolf announces before anyone tees
off - including himself - that he's going it alone, I on 3. On a Lone Wolf
hole, the Wolf wins triple or loses triple.
For more details on Wolf, read this explanation of Wolf in Chi Chi
Rodriguez's book, "Golf Games You Gotta Play".
Also Known As: "Ship, Captain & Crew" or "Boss"

Gruesome Golf Game

A 2-Person Team As A Betting Game or Tournament Format

In Gruesomes, both members of the team tee off - and then the opposing
team selects which drive they have to play. Needless to say, the opposing
team is likely to select the worst - or most gruesome - of the two drives.
Following selection of the tee ball, the teams play out the hole in alternate
shot fashion. The player who hit the "gruesome" tee ball also plays the
second shot.
Also Known As: Yellowsomes